friday finds.
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diy wreath from Worm London via gardenista. / sfgirlbybay

it’s finally friday and the sun is shining which is something we angelenos have sorely missed, so i expect everyone will be filling the parks and outdoor cafes like crazy people this weekend. i’ve rounded up some pretty eclectic spaces for this week’s friday finds and seem to have a big thing for dried palm fronds, so please indulge me. i hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend planned and i’ll see y’all back here on monday!

xo, victoria

  1. shared this epic from , a floristry studio with a new book out. offers up diy instructions for making 18 different wreaths — including this tropical wreath made with 40 palm leaves!
  2. i’m taking another trip to in todos santos for a quick spring break in a few weeks, and i always wonder what it might be like to live there. i guess i could ask photographer , who’s dad has , which she shot for — pop over for the full tour.
  3. jason tauritz is a local L.A. guy with a keen eye for style and anything vintage, including this killer . you can follow (and shop!) his finds on his account, .
  4. just goes to show, well-designed, vintage furniture never goes out of style. if i didn’t know better i’d think this was photographed in the present day, but it’s actually from .
  5. this is one very fabulous and . it’s got that enviable effortlessly chic european vibe i covet. it doesn’t seem to matter what period pieces they put together and how mismatched, it still looks amazing!
  6. has all that kind of effortless style going on, too. located on paris’s Left Bank it’s only a 17th-century mansion — plenty of those to go, around right? oh, how i’d love to get my hands on one of those and let my decorating imagination run wild!
  7. i’m definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for a  like this bamboo beauty on our next vintage treasure hunt to the flea markets of france for super marché. that scalloped edge is just stunning and just so uniquely beautiful!
  8. another , this one an 18th century home in copenhagen (another wonderful city i wouldn’t mind going back to soon). i love its lovely robin egg blue walls and rustic and very vintage home furnishings.

inspiring todos santos home tour via remodelista. / sfgirlbybay

vintage split reed daybed. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring home tour via architectural digest 2005. / sfgirlbybay

eclectic living room with chic european vibe. / sfgirlbybay

17th-century mansion on paris's Left Bank. / sfgirlbybay

vintage bamboo daybed. / sfgirlbybay

18th century home in copenhagen. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: villon.
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the bar at villon in san francisco. / sfgirlbybay

this week we’re heading to my beloved san francisco by the bay. specifically, we’re hopping on a market street trolly and heading to  restaurant and lounge at the with interiors beautifully designed by . may be inspired by the french painter , and yet it is pronounced “villain” — a fun and intriguing twist for a cocktail lounge. picture a very sophisticated living room type lounge where you can drop in for an elegant breakfast, afternoon snacks, a casually stylish pre-theatre dinner or tuck into a nightcap with their deep dive of French brandy. we’re going to have some pattern play with our outfit (much like kelly’s interiors) with a and a so perfectly blue be careful — you might just blend in! we’ll add a beautiful and some to help you shine. should you find yourself solo for breakfast, we suggest reading  by Heidi W. Durrow to keep you company — a heart-wrenching portrait of a young biracial girl dealing with society’s ideas of race and class and the winner of the Bellwether Prize for best fiction manuscript addressing issues of social justice.

interior of proper hotel designed by kelly wearstler. / sfgirlbybay

outfit inspired by villon restaurant inside proper hotel SF. sfgirlbybay

wear this there: Printed Georgette Leopard Top; Jill Vegan Leather Button Jacket; Classic Wide Leg Jean in Black Wash; Fortress of Inca Cutout Heels; Hepworth Nail Polish; Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser; In Two Minds Facial Hydrator; Detangler Hairbrush; read this there by Heidi W. Durrow; Saga Sunglasses in Tortoise Dark; Berry Vines Beaded Clutch; Xl Circle Denim Drop Earrings.

dining banquette inside villon restaurant. / sfgirlbybay

villon restaurant inside proper hotel. / sfgirlbybay

villon restaurant inside the proper hotel in SF. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring interior of villon restaurant in SF. / sfgirlbybay

exterior of proper hotel in SF. / sfgirlbybay

exterior of the proper hotel in SF. / sfgirlbybay

the bar inside proper hotel designed by kelly wearstler. / sfgirlbybay

the bar inside villon restaurant in SF. / sfgirlbybay

the bar inside villon restaurant at proper hotel. / sfgirlbybay

disco fever.
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disco ball hung from ornate ceiling medallion in modern living room. / sfgirlbybay

i once designed a bedroom makeover for a friend who had recently divorced and wanted a fresh start. and the one thing she wanted more than anything was a vintage . she wanted that ‘celebratory decay’ as she called it that an older disco ball would add to her bedroom — that luminous light that only a can achieve. are pretty beautiful when done right, and i kind of find myself wanting one now, too. you can find them all over — on , at flea markets, you can even find a Glitterati Small Disco Ball at . they can virtually live anywhere — from decoratively placed in an empty fireplace to hanging from a ceiling (or a vintage chandelier) or simply just placed as a ‘still life’ sculpture in a random corner where they’ll catch some natural light, or add a small nearby for a real disco feel. no matter where, they add a magical touch that also adds a bit of fun.

vintage disco balls in modern living room. / sfgirlbybay

disco ball inspired decor. / sfgirlbybay

large disco ball hung by chain in modern living room. / sfgirlbybay

disco ball placed inside white fireplace as decor. / sfgirlbybay

disco ball decor inspiration. / sfgirlbybay

disco ball hung in center of modern living room. / sfgirlbybay

vintage disco ball hung in front of window. / sfgirlbybay

disco ball as home decor. / sfgirlbybay

stairwell with disco mirrored tile. / sfgirlbybay

disco ball in sunny window seat. / sfgirlbybay

• photography credits in order of appearance: ; ; ; ; ; ; for ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; maggie mason’s bedroom makeover by sfgirlbybay; ; Glitterati Small Disco Ball from ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; mirrored staircase; .