picture this: women.
by victoria comment


female nude painting. / sfgirlbybay

welcome to a new series i thought might be fun, and hopefully inspiring: picture this. i thought i’d like to create a curation of artwork around various subject matter, and this week i’m starting with women. because well women are beautiful, smart, powerful and strong and deserve to be celebrated. we’re also complicated creatures and i think it’s interesting to see us through the talented eyes of various artists. from some masters like to some contemporary artists like , and women are seen through many different points of view. where indicated as ‘art print’ many of these pieces are shoppable, too, so check the links below if you like what you see.

female portrait painting. / sfgirlbybay

female black and white portrait drawing. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring drawings and paintings of female subjects. / sfgirlbybay

painting of woman's lower body. / sfgirlbybay

drawings of women. / sfgirlbybay

smudged painting of woman in black and white. / sfgirlbybay

puzzle painting of woman. / sfgirlbybay

painting of woman in swimsuit on the beach. / sfgirlbybay

painting of woman on beach towel by kiki and polly. / sfgirlbybay

female portrait painting. / sfgirlbybay

photograph and drawing of female subjects. / sfgirlbybay

portrait drawing of female subject. / sfgirlbybay

modern art print of female subject. / sfgirlbybay

sources: Seated Lady In Green Art Print by Sanyu via seated undressed; Sacha by Erin Armstrong via ; Tête, Marie José by ; nude by ; girl kneeling print by ; ; via ; gelato by ; GOODBYE by ; women in clothes series; Nadia aux Cheveux lisses by ; ; Handcrafted Collage; Art Print by Megan Galante; headstand and scarf art prints by ; dis ap pe a r art print by Marion Costentin via ; Conceptual Photography via ; days end art print by ;  pink bather art print; via ; headstand; vintage portrait of woman in scarf from super marché; illustrator via .

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    • i think you might be grasping for some negativity that doesn’t exist here. i wasn’t even thinking of color when curating this collection and since most are so abstract or line drawings etc. i don’t even think of what race they might be. sorry you saw it another way. i certainly did not wish to offend.

  1. Love seeing you turn your curatorial eye to artwork! This is a really stunning collection. If you happen to be on the lookout for other work to feature, would love it if you took a peek at my website! (linked at my name) :-)

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