friday finds.
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modern daybed in loft space. / sfgirlbybay

this week’s friday finds must feed off the colorful clown bar we visited this week on wear this there. i’m feeling very bold and a tad artsy-fartsy, so please bear with me. i think it’s fun to step out of our comfort zones, and some of these images do just that, and perhaps simply inspire us to look at light, color and art a little differently. remember when art wasn’t intimidating and we just drew like little maniacs for fun? yeah, i barely do, either but i think it’s within us and i hope these images nudge you just a little to be creative in life, art and maybe most especially in your own home.

xo, victoria

  1. . couldn’t you just stay here for days on end, reading great novels, taking long naps and generally just enjoying this golden hour light? yes, me too. speaking of light, you should check out the photographer — it’s just filled with it. we’ve featured her work once before.
  2. i’ve yet to stay in the in san francisco. but having seen several of these drool-worthy photos i think we all ought to make a visit post haste.
  3. i fell in love with this painting Still Life with Suspended Lamp by american artist and after doing a little digging i found that though it’s not the real thing, you can of this lovely painting. i’ll take what i can get.
  4. this is the very inspiring studio of artist found on and photographed by . the next best thing to sneaking peeks into people’s homes is a glimpse into an artist’s studio.
  5. is a great photographer who’s very fortunate to travel the world but it’s us whose really lucky because we get to see where she goes and the beautiful pictures she takes there. even the most simple subjects come to life through her eyes (and she has a !). love !
  6. i’ve been avid fan of the sculptural work of since i discovered him on Instagram and i love this little behind the scenes glimpse into his work and his world from .
  7. this is but don’t know exactly what to do with. so — i don’t know if that’s an actual art term, but i just stack ’em until i know what to do with them and figure out where they want to live in my house.
  8. took us to cuba on recently, and having had the good fortune to have been there once, i can say that these photos they’ve shared by capture the culture perfectly. it’s a beautiful and extremely colorful country and while its people have hardships we can’t begin to fathom, it’s good to visit and spur new opportunities for commerce and economic growth.

proper hotel in san francisco. / sfgirlbybay

Still Life with Suspended Lamp by american artist Fairfield Porter. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring studio of artist Gary Hume. / sfgirlbybay

bedroom photographed by kara rosenlund. / sfgirlbybay

behind the scenes look at diego cabezas. / sfgirlbybay

hallway in colorful havana home. / sfgirlbybay


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  1. This could be my all time favorite post (that isn’t of your house) and I’ve been following you for a long time! I love the colors, the furniture, the juxtaposition of elements. Perfect choice of images!

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