just because: fruit.
by victoria comment


wine and fruit styled simply. / sfgirlbybay

sometimes, perhaps rather selfishly, i want to post just a series of beautiful images here that inspire me based around a general theme. i see these images pop up in my  saves and there is very often a method to my madness, although i may not realize it at the time. then, all of a sudden i definitely see a pattern — a smattering of images with a similar vibe, if you will — or maybe it’s a common color palette. i thought it might be fun to share those images with you — well, just because. because i find them beautifully unique and i hope you will too. this time around it’s fruit. yep, fruit in all it’s glorious, natural beauty. styled simply, but oh so inspiring. and hey — good for you, too!

fruit with seeds spilling out. / sfgirlbybay

pear still life painting. / sfgirlbybay

fruit on table with pink table cloth. / sfgirlbybay

woman holding up a plastic grocery bag with fruit. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring fruit photography. / sfgirlbybay

kitchen still life with tall branch in ceramic jug on table. / sfgirlbybay

cut bananas and pears on pink backdrop. / sfgirlbybay

fruit and pitcher still life painting. / sfgirlbybay

citrus fruit styled simply on table with ceramic plate and knife. / sfgirlbybay

tangerines on pink backdrop in ceramic dishes. / sfgirlbybay

rustic styled kitchenwares and fruit with eggs on tabletop. / sfgirlbybay

peaches on white table cloths with stains. / sfgirlbybay

market fruit photographed from above. / sfgirlbybay

fruit on a beach blanket. / sfgirlbybay

plantains still on the vine on kitchen tabletop. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. Oh, I love this!! And I have to thank you – I have a very stressful job, so save your posts for when I’m feeling overwhelmed – they immediately help me to relax – much appreciated!

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