wear this there: prado.
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inspiring dining room of prado restaurant, lisbon. / sfgirlbybay

this time around, i’ve actually made it to this week’s wear this there destination! we’re headed to lisbon, portugal — one of my very favorite cities and popping into . we were taken here by some bonifide foodies we met in lisbon and were not disappointed. celebrates the best that Portugal has to offer, from land to sea and all their dishes are based on national, seasonal and fresh ingredients. Basically, if it is not of the season, it doesn’t make it to your table. and their wines are exclusively organic, biodynamic and natural. is part of a renovation in the area — a former 19th-century factory and because it was left abandoned for over 20 years, the interiors got covered by vegetation. Facing this reality the owners decided to create a farm-to-table restaurant and interior designers brought the idea to life with , which means meadow. they’ve also got a gorgeous market which we visited last week when we took a look at arkstudio who also designed the marketplace. since i recall hiking up a rather steep street to the restaurant, let’s get casual with and , but top it off with some fun green gear like a , and to get us in the mood for beautiful canopy of plants. if you want to read up about eating fresh, we suggest Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest book .

prado restaurant in lisbon, portugal. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there outfit inspired by prado, lisbon. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: Stella Rib Knit Turtleneck Sweater in Black; Aviator Faux Leather Coat; High Rise Crop Flare Jean in Indigo; Janie Lucite-Handled Tote Bag in moss; MHL Chunky Wool Beanie in Citrus; Nail Polish in Epidote; read this there by Gwyneth Paltrow; Camo Cashmere Scarf; KUSH Lip Balm in clear; leopard print socks in olive; CC Patent Chelsea Boot in Black; Round Sunglasses.

hanging greenery in prado restaurant. / sfgirlbybay

dark walls at prado in lisbon, portugal. / sfgirlbybay

door to prado in lisbon, portugal. / sfgirlbybay

industrial modern dining room of prado in lisbon, portugal. / sfgirlbybay

dining booth at prado restaurant. / sfgirlbybay

prado dining room in lisbon, portugal. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring decor inside prado dining room. / sfgirlbybay

hanging greenery inside prado restaurant in lisbon, portugal. / sfgirlbybay

dining booth at prado in lisbon, portugal. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I was on holiday’s for 2 weeks and now just spent my Saturday morning going over your posts I’d missed….what a fun treat! Creatively inspiring as usual. Thank you, Victoria!

    PS – I had to hunt for the comment section, it’s not quite visible

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