stocking your pantry the easy way.
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pantry supplies from target using shipt delivery. / sfgirlbybay

with the change of seasons happening, i find myself hunkering down at home — okay, pretty much hibernating if you will, and i’m so fine with it. i dislike the end of daylight savings because it makes me wanna never leave the house after 5pm. but hey — guess what? there’s a new app in town that’s going to make those last minute trips to the market when you least feel like a thing of the past. welcome to  — a new delivery app that brings groceries AND home goods right to your front door.  invited me to give it a go with one of their partners target, and i decided what better time to stock my pantry with fresh ingredients for the upcoming winter months.

chic pantry supplies from target using shipt delivery. / sfgirlbybay

modern pantry supplies ordered from target using shipt delivery. / sfgirlbybay

and because target carries so much more than just food and pantry staples, while i was stocking up, i also had my grab some great looking glass jars to store it all in. one less thing to lug up my many stairs and into my kitchen. it looks prettier! and is super easy to use — simply choose a store, scroll through the aisles, and order fresh produce, meat, fresh fish, coffee and so much more from your local store using the app or the . then schedule a delivery in as soon as one hour — and they’ll even unpack your order into the cabinets or fridge.

ordering pantry supplies from target using shipt delivery. / sfgirlbybay

there are things that i like to always have on hand for easy meal prep and i think you may find them useful, too. things to cook with that are staples around here — loads of spices, gluten-free cooking ingredients, good extra virgin olive oil, vinegars for salads and always lemons and avocados. i’ve made a handy chart of what i keep around at all times — i eat a pretty Mediterranean diet and these are my go-to staples. okay, now it’s your turn — try out the and stock your cupboards for the season! If you you’ll get $50 off the $99 annual fee!

kitchen staples art print. / sfgirlbybay

pantry groceries from target using shipt delivery. / sfgirlbybay

groceries and pantry supplies from target using shipt delivery. / sfgirlbybay

ordering espresso from target using shipt. / sfgirlbybay

ordering groceries and home goods from shipt. / sfgirlbybay

stocking my pantry using shipt delivery. / sfgirlbybay

banana still life painting. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I go my grocery shopping using Instacart but I love all these other shopping apps that are coming out! I don’t have a car so it’s super helpful that all these delivery apps are popping up everywhere!

    I signed up for Shipt a while ago when I needed something from Target but I haven’t tried it yet!

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