bathroom remodel begins!
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well, i’ve finally gone and done it — i’ve started the remodel on my teeny-tiny bathroom and right now it is very much a construction zone. but i’m very excited for the makeover! i’ve partnered with  to create my dream bathroom and once it’s finished i may never leave — especially the which is nice and deep for a long soak after a hard day. after perusing their , i was also really inspired by kohler’s — i know so many people are using brass these days, but i wanted something a little different that would stand the test of time. i’m showing you “before” pictures today, as well as my inspiration board and as you’ll see, my existing bathroom is nice, but it is very, very small. i’ve attached a diagram and before photo to give you an idea of just how long and narrow it is. the is tucked behind the bathroom door for extra awkwardness and it’s standing room for one only in there.


so, to try and explain the method to our makeover madness, we’re knocking through the wall where the existing pedestal sink is and into a second bedroom. we’ll be expanding the bathroom to about 140 square feet to accommodate a new and . we’ll also be adding the and to the which will live in kohler’s batiste black with six drawers and two cabinet doors which i’m silly excited about, since as you can see, i have no storage at all and i’ve been using the rolling cart and knit baskets to stash my makeup and bathroom necessities — not ideal at all since i can never find a thing. i’m also using some of Kohler’s drawer for makeup which are custom fit –and their for blow dryers & flat irons — so handy! we’re also adding the and for extra fresh towel space and we’re putting in a long 5′ x 3′ high up above the tub — 5 feet up from the floor for lots of light, but loads of privacy since it faces an empty lot full of trees.



i’m going for a black, white and gray kind of  bathroom with kohler’s sleek , and we’ll also be hanging the matching  framed in batiste black. for the floors we’re using beautiful on the shower walls and floors. lastly, we’ll have recessed lighting but i’m also adding a vintage-inspired decorative ceiling fixture for the center of the room. i’m so excited for this remodel (and to share the rest of my home remodel with you — including a new walk-in closet and french doors from the master bedroom to the patio). and i’m thrilled to be partnering with  and their beautiful products. stayed tuned in the next two months for the final project reveal!



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  1. I absolutely love what you’re going for with the remodel, but I also really like your “before” situation! Actually, I was wondering where you got your current towel rack and the small rack with all the hooks?

  2. Your before pictures are really beautiful but I understand wanting a bigger bathroom! I have a similar tiny one in my house and I’m dreaming of the day when I can expand it and put in a nice tub. I am really looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. So exciting!

  3. I agree, the before is already very stunning! I just had a much more low-key bathroom renovation going on last week but I am still sore from all that cleaning! But the outcome is worth it of course! ;)

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